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About Alapan

meMy name is John Agoncillo, currently living in San Francisco with my cat named Mona. I created this photoblog to share my photo ramblings to the world. I did this mainly for personal motivation to continue using the tools of photography to express myself. In other words I’m just another ordinary guy with a handful of cameras and a computer just showing the world and myself what I see out there.The photographs will usually be taken in the most wonderful city in the world and that would be San Francisco. This city is very vibrant and my desire is to show you the many things that happen in this city on a daily basis. I may stray off the traditional meaning of “street” photography (whatever that means anyway) but I hope I inspire my viewers to see the world for it’s simple beauty.

If I shoot a photograph and no one sees it but me, is it indeed a photograph?

Why Alapan?

My family history has been somewhat of a mystery to me. I blame myself for not engaging my own culture and my family’s very rich history in relation to my “mother” country, the Philippines. I chose Alapan because of the Battle of Alapan. The battle was the very first time that the Filipino flag, sewn by my great great grandmother Dona Marcela Marino Agoncillo, was flown in a victorious battle led by General Aguinaldo over the Spaniards on May 18, 1898. This date is also “Flag Day” in the Philippines.


Interested in a print or a digital copy at a very reasonable price? Shoot me an email at agi500 at gmail dot com. I’ll be overjoyed at the prospect of someone wanting a copy of my photograph. Or if you just have something to say to me, send me a note!

What’s the weird looking thing?

That weird font looking thing on my navigation bar is the translation of Alapan in the ancient Filipino script Baybayin. I downloaded the Baybayin Font from Sarisari. I want to learn more about this fascinating script and will try to integrate it into a logo. I’ve been reading that it’s a pretty hot tattoo among Filipino-Americans.

Contact Me

agi500 @ gmail dot com (remove spaces and replace dot with a period).


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