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A Glance Behind

A Glance Behind

4 comments to “A Glance Behind”

  1. Another really strong image. Well done. Do you ever post on ?

  2. Yup I go there from time to time but haven’t posted any of my photos in the gallery. One day I will. I’m “agi” there.

  3. Hi John,

    A long fans of your photos. Been trying to do street-photography but still “chickens-out” when it comes to getting people shots like this.

    How did you get so close to this gentleman’s face without blurring out? I knew that the C35 that you’re using does not have a zoom or close-focus lens. Secondly, how did you get so close without him noticing you (at least that’s what I assume 🙂

    Thanks for the photos, keep truckin!

    Will G.
  4. Hi Will,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment and visit Alapan. I really appreciate feedback and hope you visit often.

    About this shot. If I remember correctly I cropped this photograph to give it the perception that it\’s much closer than it really is. I also recall doing a bit of dodging & burning to bring out the some of the details in the man\’s face. As for street photography, it takes practice and just going out and shooting to develop some confidence. You do reach a point in that you just shoot away without a care in the world what your subject will think. Some days you are more confident and some days you aren\’t – you just get that feeling and the more confidence you exude the more people will realize you aren\’t doing anything that will harm them. Most of the time I\’ve already taken a shot before the people can react to what I\’m doing. Having a rangefinder or smaller camera does make it easier as you can blend it more and know that camera like the back of your hand and you\’re set. I can never do this with my 20d as I would stick out like a sore thumb.


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