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9 comments to “3”

  1. Wow, this is another great shot. So much going on. So much to take in. I can’t stop looking. Wow.

    Tim Goodspeed
  2. great photo

    Guillermo Duran
  3. biblical
    golden calf

  4. nice capture… but what is it all about?

  5. I love it

  6. Oh my!!! I agree with the other comments. The viewer is drawn in. I also think your choice of B+W film is a good one for this piece.

  7. Great snag, John… Looks like the dude in the front is asking for three more!

  8. I’ll take “3” of those also.

    Thomas Hardy
  9. Wow thanks everyone. It’s always nice to come home and have 8 comments about a photo I posted. That guy is directing the parade and I guess what he’s saying is that this float is 3rd in line.

    John Agoncillo

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